Γ…lesund, Norway
June 14th-17th

Welcome to NORDTRIB 2022 in Γ…lesund!

NORDTRIB 2022 will be held in Γ…lesund, Norway and it will be hosted by the joint effort
of NTNU, SINTEF and the Norwegian Tribology Center (NTC).

The NORDTRIB symposium is held biennially in one of the Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It was first hosted in Tampere, Finland in 1984. Over the years the Symposium has evolved into a highly regarded venue for the international tribology community. NORDTRIB is intended as a forum where researchers and developers from universities, research institutes and industry can present their latest contributions and also discuss field-related issues.

The conference will focus on both fundamental and applied aspects of friction, wear and lubrication covering all scales (from nano to macro). Scientific contributions in all aspects of tribology are welcome. Scientific work covering global sustainability problems, environmentally acceptable solutions and the future of energy usage and storage are specially encouraged.

Keynote speakers

Some of the presenters at NORDTRIB 2022

Correlation between the adsorption and the nanotribological performance of fatty acid and amine based organic friction modifiers on steel surfaces.

Rosa M. Espinosa-Marzal, Ph.D.

University of Illinois, United States

Fundamental Investigations of Cavitation Damage Mechanisms using Single Laser-Induced Bubbles

Stefanie Hanke, Ph.D.

University Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg, Germany

Polymers and composites- Versatile tribo-materials

Jayashree Bijwe, Ph.D.

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Tribocorrosion solutions: the only way to mitigate the consequences of systems subjected to wear and corrosion interaction

Igual Anna
Anna Igual Munoz, Ph.D.

Technical University of Valencia, Spain

Experimental studies of high stress abrasive and impact-abrasive wear

Kati Valtonen, Ph.D.

Tampere University, Tampere, Finland

Advancing solid interfaces and lubricants by first principles material design

M. Clelia Righi, Ph.D.

University of Bologna, Italy

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