Here are some frequently asked questions that might provide temporary answers:

Q: Registration for social event
A: Please use form at social event website: Form.

Q: Am I registered as a participant?
A: As of March 12th 2022, a new official registration form with payment information has been published from NTNU conference. All previous registrations have been informed to fill in this form. Registration.

Q: Have my abstract been submitted?
A: Please check your email for confirmation. An automated email will be sent out after submission/registration. The forms have changed layout a couple time on this website, but it is still the same registration, as long as you have submitted on this website which was published in October 2021 ( After your paper has been accepted/rejected another email will be sent out as confirmation of the decision.

Q: Payment information.
A: Please check registration page for payment information: Registration

Q: Conference schedule.
A: The conference program will begin Tuesday 14th June at 12:00 and end at Friday 17th at 13:00. The full program will updated on this website.

Q: There is no reply to Contact Us email.
A: Every Contact Us email through this form will be read and replied to in due time, thank you for your patience.

Q: Abstract submission
A: Please use the registration form and templates provided here.