List of all registered abstracts here.

Update: Please deliver extended abstract in the form below if you wish to publish your paper in a journal.

Download extended abstract template here.

We have decided to only go for simple abstracts for registration, and extended abstracts for publishing in papers. Please use the provided templates and submit with the form below.

We have 4 journals interested in publishing special issues for Nordtrib 2022. Please indicate in the submission form if you are interested in a full publication and if so, in which journal of these:

  1. Tribologia – Finnish Journal of Tribology.
  2. Friction (Springer). 
  3. Wear (Elsevier) – normal publication with a flag as β€œpresented in Nordtrib 2022”.
  4. Journal of Bio- and Tribo-corrosion (Springer Nature).

Submit your abstract to the following form:

The deadline for abstract submission has passed. All oral presentation slots have been filled, but there might be a possibility to get a poster slot if you submit here. Notification will be given as soon as possible.